Scope of Online Marketing in India

Scope of online marketing in India

Mr. Narendra Modi introduced Digital revolution in India – So, there is a lot more scope of online marketing in India now.

What is Online Marketing:

Online marketing is simply marketing of your product/service through an online medium like websites, Digital Ads, YouTube Ads, email marketing, Social media promotions, etc.

In a simple way, online marketing is:

  • If you are scrolling through Facebook posts and you see an advertisement on your favorite phone cover or camera. You will be interested in checking it out and might buy it – this is online marketing.
  • If you get an email regarding the course which might be helpful to your career. You check the details and plan to start doing the course – this is online marketing.
  • If you are browsing a page and see an advertisement for a book by your favorite writer. This will attract you to buy that book – this is online marketing.

Online marketing is also called pull marketing or Interest-based marketing – marketers are targeting specific audiences who are interested in particular product or service. Users’ online search and visiting behavior helps marketers to track interest of audiences – this helps digital markers to target specific audiences based on their interest. Obviously, if someone is interested in something then it’s easy to convince them of purchasing your product or subscribing to your service.

Online marketing is basically for creating awareness of your brand/service, reach specific audiences or for direct interaction with your clients.

Earlier only youth was adapting this digital change but nowadays, people from all age group is adapting this digital change in India.

Last week, I was on a bus and an old man sitting beside me was checking out posts on Facebook and he saw an advertisement of a cute doll – he bought it for his granddaughter.

See how India is changing – it is now becoming Digital India. Many users are getting online now – thanks to Modi Ji. With Digital India movement, many cities, towns, villages and small areas are now part of the digital wave in India. From women in small villages to farmers to entrepreneurs are in touch with online medium.

The trend of marketing has started to change now – more people are now shifting from conventional marketing to online marketing.

Major reasons for this shift – Cost effectiveness, Targeted reach, better sales, quick results and direct connection with the customer.

How is the trend of marketing changing – From Traditional to Digital?

Marketers are also changing with the digital change in India. Marketers started to focus and spend more on online marketing. Marketing strategies of companies have started to consider online marketing in a serious and most important way.

From startups to reputed companies, all of them are focusing on spending their time and effort on online marketing than the traditional way.

With more users connecting to the internet, marketers use online marketing to target them. From people in small villages to people in big cities, everybody can be reached easily and directly via online marketing. Online marketers in India are now targeting people from all demographics based upon their varied needs. Marketing strategies are customized based varied interests of people of different demographics.

Online marketing makes it easy for marketers to sell what their customers want. Depending upon varied needs of people in India, marketers now know more about what their audiences want, how they want and why they want. Marketers also know what would be more beneficial for their audiences – online marketers know it all.

If you see advertisements these days, the trend of advertisements also changed as per the changing scenario of the Indian market. Advertisements these days are focusing more on how a user can simplify their lives by using an online medium. Advertisers also using traditional marketing started to train their audiences about how they can be benefited by their online marketing programs.

We all saw that advertisement where Mr. Amitabh Bachan helps people to book AC service online in just 10 seconds, trivago advertisement shows how one can compare prices of hotels on different websites at a single place, and much more. Advertisers in traditional marketing also focus on helping their audiences to start shifting to their online marketing ways.

Some companies also started programs to train their audiences about how people can use the online medium to get answers to their questions, buy online and stay in touch with rest of the world.

Major reasons for the change in 2016: Mr. Narendra Modi took a major decision in 2016 to make digital India. People adopted this change happily. With Modi’s Digital India revolution, every day more users are now connecting to the Internet these days. From children to old age people – everybody is adopting this change.

How companies are adopting this change of Digital India:

Companies are now hiring online marketing professionals or outsource work of online marketing to expert teams know ins and outs of Online marketing in India.

Online marketing in India is now trending from a career perspective as well. Companies prefer marketing individuals who know online marketing strategies and are certified marketing professionals. So, yes there is a good scope of online marketing professionals in India.

Now is the emerging phase of India to become Digital India – now we need more professionals who know more about online marketing. This is the best phase to be a part of this.

Companies know that online marketing will be the most powerful way if they want to sustain in the market – Without online marketing, they won’t survive.

Youth getting ready to become an In-demand marketing professional

Depending upon the changing demand by companies, Youth is also getting ready by doing online marketing courses and becoming certified professionals. Today’s marketers understand the importance of online marketing in India and they adapt this change by becoming experts and certified professionals.

Techniques of online marketing: Online marketing includes efforts through various online mediums. It includes:

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • SMO: Social Media Optimization
  • SMM: Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Benefits of online Marketing:

Online marketing is really beneficial for marketers as well as for users or target audiences.

Benefits of online Marketing to users:

  • Simplified lives: From regular grocery shopping to online booking of flight/hotel to scheduling plumber visit, to paying bills; everything can be done easily online. Busy people find it quick and easy. It saves a lot of time and energy.
  • More exposure: Users are getting more exposure across the globe so that they know what’s trending.
  • Better education: Users are doing online courses to gain more knowledge and learn new skills.
  • Everything is easy to buy online.
  • Numerous options: Online marketing helps users to check and compare numerous options and choose the best one.
  • Strengthening of Consumer Power: Users are now in direct contact with companies clearly shows about their interests and get better-customized offers.

Users can go for basic online marketing course to know what online marketing is, what it includes, how online marketing is helpful to their business, why one should invest in online marketing, what strategies are helpful as per their business, etc.

Benefits of online Marketing to Marketers:

  • Direct connection with customers: Digital marketers can stay in touch directly with their customers and get to know their interests, get their feedback and improvise and sell as per their interests.
  • Targeted Reach: Marketers can target the specific audiences who are interested in buying particular product/service.
  • Quick response: Online marketing helps marketers to get a quick response from audiences. From the quick response by audiences, marketers get to know about the specific interest of their audiences. Thus, marketers get to know more about their audiences and sell customized plans based upon their response.
  • Cost effectiveness: Online marketing saves a lot of costs as the effort is put only on interested audiences.
  • Better conversion rate: Targeting specifically interested audiences and selling customized plans and products helps in getting more sales with less effort.

Marketers can go for advanced online marketing course to know ins and outs of online marketing, its changing trends and who want to learn advanced techniques of doing online marketing. With advanced knowledge of online marketing, they know the techniques and digital strategies to get the desired results.

Indian Marketing professionals are getting ready by doing regular and part time online marketing courses depending upon their needs and time. Online marketing in India has vast scope for people who are certified professionals. So, now is the best time to become an online marketing professional.

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