Step-by-Step SEO Guide for beginners

step by step seo guide by LIWTT

Without SEO, the website will not show up in search results. Therefore, we need to work on it. SEO Guide by experts at LIWTT is explained in detail.

Get to know “What is SEO?” before we start SEO guide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making your website search engine friendly. It takes time to be among the top search results on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). When we discuss Search Engine Optimization for a brand new website, some organizations can be intimidated because the quantity of information and statistics out there are not enough. And often, if they don’t have the assistance of an experienced on-site digital marketer or consultant, they’ll do nothing.

It takes time to be among the top search results on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). When we discuss Search Engine Optimization for a new website, some organizations can be intimidated because the quantity of information and statistics out there are not enough. And often, if they don’t have the assistance of an experienced on-site digital marketer or consultant, they’ll do nothing.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some simple things you could do to begin your website’s Search Engine Optimization on the proper foot – even if you couldn’t hire an SEO expert to help you out. Here is SEO Guide step-by-step explanation.


1. On-Page SEO Basics

Essential factors of Search Engine Optimization are on the website – we call it On-Page or On-site Optimization. You might have heard a lot about link building (which we will discuss later in this section), but link building without on-site optimization isn’t going to be very effective. Here we are discussing some basics on-site optimization elements you ought to put on each of your website’s primary pages, mainly the homepage.

The Golden Rule of On-site Optimization
Before we get started to follow SEO guide, one thing you need to keep in mind whilst the usage of any of the subsequent Search Engine Optimization factors isn’t to overdo it. You might be advised to put a lot of key phrases onto your pages, however, that isn’t our aim. In reality, Google has unleashed an over-optimization penalty that targets websites that have too many keywords filled onto one web page. Such practice is also called keyword stuffing and keyword density on the page should be around 2.5% of the total content length. So in terms of keyword optimization, maintain it simple – Go up to 5 key phrases or keyword terms for each web page of your website and optimize for the ones.

If you’re not certain what keywords to use, attempt entering a few initial ideas on Google’s AdWords keyword tool to get suggestions. There are many other paid tools which help you in extensive keyword research. Some outsourcing companies can also help you in getting you the list of keywords which are beneficial for your business.

Title Tag
Title tag LIWTT

The title tag on your web pages helps Search Engines like Google in knowing about what the web page is about. The length of Title tag should be 70 characters or less. It must have the name of your business and keywords related to the web page. This tag is positioned between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags on the top of the HTML code for the page.

Meta Description
Meta description example by LIWTT

The meta description on pages of your website offers search engines like Google a little more perception of what your page is about. There is still debate approximately whether meta descriptions can assist with keyword ratings. Regardless, you need to put in writing your meta description with a human target market in thoughts that consists of the web page’s important key phrases because the meta description does show up in seek outcomes.

How the Title Tag & Meta Description appears in search engine result pages
SEO guide by LIWTT

The above photograph suggests how LIWTT’s very own title tag and meta description indicates up in Google see effects. you may see that the key phrases searched via a consumer (in this case, the keyword turned into LIWTT) are bolded through Google in both the name tag and the meta description. This is why you need to use your commercial enterprise or logo call and key phrases in both the identity and meta description – it enables your search results to stand out to the searcher when they may be looking the one’s terms.

Using WordPress?
If you are using WordPress as CMS for your website, you’re in good fortune. Adding name tags and meta descriptions in your pages is very simple – Just use plugins which includes all in one search engine optimization, platinum SEO, and search engine optimization. My favorite is SEO Yoast. You could additionally get SEO guidelines with the aid of the use of top-class plugins inclusive of Scribe search engine optimization.

Additional On-web page SEO elements
Whilst the name tag and the meta description are the most important search engine optimization factors, they are now not the only ones. Be sure that following are incorporated in your website and it’s content for the increased rankings in SERP.

  • Inner hyperlinks – hyperlink building isn’t simply reserved for outside websites linking to your website. You may assist search engines like Google to analyze extra about your website by way of internally linking to different pages on your website inside your content. For example, this blog publish utilizes inner hyperlinks when linking to different posts on the LIWTT blog.
  • Header Tags – This weblog post utilizes 3 unique tiers of HTML header tags that assist spoil the content into sections, in addition, to let search engines like Google know extra approximately what every phase of content is ready. The tags surround the put up title – there must most effective be one set of tags in step with the page. The title and tags surround subheadings on the web page – there may be a couple of instances of both. Using header tags facilitates each readers’ and engines like Google split your content material into digestible sections.
  • photo name & ALT Tags – In case you use photos on your website, you should think about good keywords for both the photocall and the alt tag. On the first photo within the post, we use because the intention is to optimize it for the key phrases on-website search optimization. This allows search engines find accurate pictures for their picture seek primarily based on the key phrases detailed.
  • Bolded textual content – You don’t want to get too loopy with this one, however from time to time bolding a ramification of text to get a reader’s interest can also help search engines like google and yahoo distinguish other vital facts and key phrases inside the web page’s content material.

2. Why you need content material

If you see today’s online marketing trends and check the latest news, then you definitely have possibly noticed approximately content improvement and content advertising and marketing. Content material is top notch for each your website visitors and SERPs. The greater content you have, the more likely your traffic will stick around to your website. And the greater content material you have got, the much more likely search engines could be to position extra of your website’s pages inside the search index.

The important thing to eye-catching each search engines like Google and visitors is to have engaging content material on the website. Quality content can encompass a selection of factors which include, but now not constrained to, the subsequent.

  • Blog Posts
  • Enterprise Articles
  • Tutorials & a way to publications
  • Infographics
  • Motion pictures
  • Podcasts

Creating a great content material for your website can be costly and time taking, but it’s far worth it. SERPs will find it irresistible, and visitors will love it a lot that they may share it on social media, leading to even more visitors. You could start off with the aid of actually growing blog posts to your website, and as your target market grows, you could expand your content to additional sorts of media.

3. Off-Page Optimization (aka hyperlink constructing)

Link building is probably one of the most talked about (and debated approximately) SEO tasks. The primary aim of link building is to get different websites to hyperlink to yours. In case you consider ranking on the pinnacle of search effects as a recognition contest, then hyperlinks are like votes announcing your internet site merits to be ranked highly. Getting links with keyword anchor textual content will assist you to rank particularly for the keywords that are related to.

So how do you get hyperlinks? There are masses and lots of ways to do it – a few true, and a few now not so excellent. if you study enough link building, you will hear in the end about 3 sorts of hyperlinks and link constructing strategies.

  • Organic hyperlinks – Those are links you don’t need to ask for, and they may be the fine type. Particularly if you could get them on sites with high authority which includes primary information shops and other nicely-diagnosed name websites.
  • Whitehat – This basically stands for desirable, quality link constructing (the type you ought to strive for).
  • Blackhat – This stands for spammy, low-satisfactory link building (the kind you ought to keep away from).

Most websites will have a difficult time generating enough natural links to raise their ratings in engines like Google. that is why link building is this type of famous services. But you can get started on building great hyperlinks by way of performing some of the following activities.

  • Submitting visitor blog posts to famous blogs in your enterprise. generally, you’ll get a link again on your internet site in an author field on the top or bottom of your post’s content.
  • Attaining out to associated (however now not aggressive) organizations to look if they’ll link to you. a terrific way to do that is to see if the agencies you work with have link pages on their website for companions, providers, providers, and so forth.
  • Create neighborhood seek profiles (if relevant) and social media profiles. Whilst the hyperlinks do no longer usually count closer to search ratings, they are able to attract clicks if you want to generate extra incoming traffic on your website.
  • Put up your website to applicable industry directories or, as an alternative, buy advertising and marketing. For instance, absolutely everyone inside the wedding business may want to get listings with a hyperlink lower back to their website on the Knot, the marriage Channel, and other comparable sites. skip low-best directories that don’t have anything to do with your enterprise or ones that link to shady websites inside the grownup, pharmaceutical, or online casino industries.
  • Create hyperlink worthy content. Infographics are an extraordinary instance – you create a beautiful photograph representing essential data and allow others to use the infographic on their very own website in alternate for linking back to yours as credit.
  • For extra statistics approximately hyperlink building the right manner, don’t leave out our submit on natural link building one zero one!

4. How Google+ can assist you with rankings

Speaking of making social profiles for links, in case your aim is to stay on the top searches of Google, you then need to make certain you be a part of Google+. Google’s very own social community allows you to rank higher in search results for the connections you are linked with. For instance, after I’m logged in to Google+ and I look for search engine optimization, I am getting the following in my top five search effects. Personalized search results primarily based on who I am buddies with are marked by the little man or woman icon.

When I’m no longer logged into Google+, you may see that the two customized results shown in advance aren’t within the top 5. one in all them isn’t even on the first web page.

It is going to show that customized search consequences trump even nearby seek consequences. as a result, if you want to get into the personalized search recreation, your goal is to do the following:

  • Create a Google+ personal profile and commercial enterprise page.Recommend the website you need to rank nicely in search engine result pages by means of giving it a +1, sharing the website to your profile and/or page as a status, and linking to it your profile information underneath recommended websites.
  • Recommend the website you need to rank nicely in search engine result pages by means of giving it a +1, sharing the website to your profile and/or page as a status, and linking to it your profile information underneath recommended websites.
  • Fill out your profile facts completely to make others want to connect with you.
  • Test your settings and ensure that your profile records are public along with your post updates.
  • Post daily with the variety of interesting updates in your profile so it doesn’t appear too self-promotional.
  • Begin connecting with folks who you need to look your website in search results. Use the quest container on Google+ to locate people to connect with and add them to your circles. optimistically, maximum will add you in return.

Essentially, the more famous you’re on Google+, the much more likely you are to persuade personalized search outcomes with folks that are following you. consequently, take benefit of this social network to its fullest volume to obtain the advantages.

5. Tracking your results

At last, you’ll need to preserve tune of your search engine optimization progress by means of monitoring your consequences. The 2 most vital equipment you could use to screen these consequences are the following.

  • Authority Labs – Create a free account which you could get after the use of the 30 day trial of the pro account. Use this tool to check keyword scores for your website so that you can see if they’re showing up in search results.
  • Google Analytics – Use Google Analytics to examine more about the visitors to your website. Mainly, reveal your organic search visitors resources to look what key phrases human beings are using to locate your website in search outcomes. Via putting in place desires, you may see which key phrases result in visits wherein traffic do what you want them to do on your website inclusive of sign up for a mailing list or purchase a product. This can help you research what key phrases you should be concentrated on together with your search engine optimization marketing campaign.

There are a lot of other treasured SEO equipment accessible, but these are the best & the basic ones, to begin with, these will help you examine greater approximately whether your SEO efforts are creating a difference.

This brings us to the end of SEO guide for beginners. But there is a lot to know more in the field of SEO.

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