What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing

With increased demand in digital marketing, one must know “what is digital marketing?”.

Mainly in India, the term “digital advertising and marketing” isn’t handiest topping the charts on the web however additionally ranking on print and television media – thanks to digital India.



Let’s start in layman language, it is simply a promotion of products and services using an online medium.

Earlier scenario, brands used to spend huge on hoardings, pamphlets, newspapers Ads, etc. And if we talk about results, they were just good enough. Yes, just good enough but not amazing. And if talk about newbies in business, they took years to build their brand image and create awareness in spite of spending the huge amount on advertisements.

Current scenario, various brands and start-ups are using Digital Marketing techniques to establish themselves among their customers; to create awareness; to know their customers; to respond customer queries, etc. And yes, now they get amazing results – less cost, a tremendous increase in customer satisfaction and direct customer feedback.

Here is a blog to know more about differences in traditional and digital marketing.

Know more about what Digital Marketing is (Technical Perspective):

Digital marketing (also called statistics-driven marketing) is an umbrella time period for the advertising of products or services using digital technology, mainly on the internet, but also which include cellular phones, display advertising, and some other digital medium.

Digital marketing alludes to marketing conveyed via an expansion of digital channels, for instance, websites, search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so forth.), internet-primarily based social networking or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on.), email, and mobile applications.



A digital advertising and marketing expert who knows and manages such things as what’s being visible online, how visitors are coming to a domain, how regularly and for to what quantity, lead technology, sales conversion, what content material works and doesn’t work, search engine optimization and so forth. Commonly, the internet is the maximum common place channel used for digital advertising; some others contain mobiles instant messaging, wi-fi text messaging, podcasts, mobile apps, electronic announcements, digital tv and radio channels, etc.- And a Digital Marketer may additionally need to channelize marketing via incorporating all these digital channels.


Different channels of digital marketing

Ludhiana Institute of Web Tech Training - Components of Digital Marketing


You can visit another blog here where components of Digital Marketing are discussed in detail.


Some important things to know about Digital Marketing modules:

Paid Search

  • Paid search is also called pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
  • It alludes to the “sponsored end result” at the top or bottom of a SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • If you are a newbie in business then this is the best way to market your business.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engine optimization is the most effective way to optimize content, technical set-up, and reach of your site in order that your pages display up at the best point of a SERP for your particular keywords.
  • The end goal is to tug in guests to your website once they experiment or search for precise items, offerings, facts, or records identified with your enterprise.

SMM or Social Media Marketing

  • As a digital marketer, you must likewise embed social media advertising and marketing approach into every part of your marketing and make more sharing networks.
  • People use social media channels not only to look at funny videos and submit selfies, however also they depend upon social groups to find, research, and teach themselves about a brand earlier than enticing with that emblem.
  • More your possibilities attract along with your audiences, more likely is that they’ll want to use your product or services and convert as your clients.

Content Marketing

  • The strength of digital marketing resides in content as “fresh and engaging content makes all of the distinction”
  • Incredible content is the gasoline that drives your digital advertising and marketing practices. By far content is a key mainstay of modern-day search engine optimization and it helps you get visible via specific online platforms.
  • Making effective content that isn’t always promotional, however rather tell, encourage and enlighten your audiences, is the little difficult however well really worth the attempt. Original and engaging content is the key to getting your website on the top and to get more visitors to your website

Email Marketing

  • Electronic mail (e-mail) has been around for the reason that too for a long time, and its prominence is being immediately proportional to the popularity of digital advertising. It’s far yet the snappiest and most direct approach to reap clients with basic records.
  • Your email campaigns need to be engaging, relevant, academic, and unique. Five traits of writing successful emails are – Straightforward, Relevant, Conversational, Strategic, and Coordinated across all of the channels.
  • Iff emails are customized as per client interests then that is the best thing for any business.

Marketing Automation

  • It ties most of the people of your superior marketing activities together and automates maximum of the digital marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Without automation, digital marketing campaigns will resemble an incomplete framework. It mechanizes and streamlines all types of marketing methods. Notably, it gauges the outcomes and ROI of your digital marketing campaigns, and that’s why understanding marketing automation is a vital part of this blog i.e. “what is digital marketing”.

Mobile Marketing

  • As smartphones develop into an inexorable imperative piece of our lives, it’s key that advertisers see a way to thoroughly carry on this wonderful and amazingly powerful marketing channel.
  • Mobile telephones are the most critical part of these days’ ordinary lifestyles that makes advertising and marketing on cell unimaginably essential. From SMS and MMS to programs, there are various methods to channelize effective mobile advertising.
  • Locating the perfect mobile marketing strategy is all about digital marketing and advertising that converts.

How Digital Marketing and advertising works for B2B businesses

Digital marketing and advertising work for all varieties of enterprise and any industry can use virtual advertising to optimize ROI. In spite of what your agency offers, digital marketing still consists of the strategies to recognize consumers character to distinguish your possibilities’ desires, and hence helps you’re making the conversion-oriented online substance. However, this is not to imply that all agencies need to execute the same type of digital advertising techniques. let us apprehend what kind of digital marketing strategies are befitting:

For B2B organizations

For B2B business, digital marketing endeavors are likely going to be based on lead era, with an objective to invite the leads to speak to the salesperson.

Consequently, the part of the marketing technique is to draw in and convert the maximum qualified leads in your income representatives by using your website and digital channels.

In addition, you must check that your digital marketing plan endeavors on commercial enterprise – focused channels like LinkedIn wherein your audiences are investing their time on the internet.


5 Things you should know about Digital Marketing

  • Be speedy, recognize the cutting-edge traits and adapt the changes as per customer response.
  • You don’t need to be on every platform. Realize your target market and go in which they’re.
  • Go for digital marketing course and become a pro in this field. It’ll generate your interest and love for digital advertising.
  • Don’t just acquire customers but nurture your relationships together with your customers.
  • Make the buyer’s experience as simple as viable.


How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Successful digital marketing campaigns have well-planned strategies that focus achieving goals of the business. It requires proper knowledge of business, it’s goals (from Digital marketing), knowing target audiences, etc.

Let’s discuss briefly steps to create digital marketing strategy:

1. Review your current marketing strategy

Be it a digital or a conventional marketing strategy, review it. Get the data of current position and know the goals of your business which you want to achieve. In this stage, just review all data you have about your current audience, your desired audiences, your product, your desired results, etc,

2. Decide whom you want to target

In this stage, know about your target customers, who they are, their demographics, their interests, etc. Simply know about your target market so that digital marketing strategies are aligned to please the target audiences. If we please them, they will please us by purchasing/subscribing to our goods/services.

3. Make a plan

In this stage, make a digital marketing plan as per your goals and target customers’ interests & demographics. Keep it simple and customer focused. Strategies can be made as per business line and type of target audiences.

Like if there is an e-commerce selling funky and customized T-shirts, they may focus on Facebook instead of LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn is used for the professional purpose. People visit LinkedIn when they are interested in professional conversations.

If there is a business providing resume writing services then they can focus more on LinkedIn rather than Facebook or Pinterest.

This is where the results of previous stages help in making a plan.

The strategies are planned in such a way so that right people can find you. Means, people who are interested in your product/service can find you. It is easy to convince people who show interest in buying.

4. Implementation of plan

In this stage, actual work is done by using various tools and techniques.

Make website user-friendly, keep it simple and informative.

Optimize the content on the website so that the website shows on the top when someone searches for the products or services that you offer.

Post across various social media channels; focus on the right social media channels as per the type of business.

Send customized offers over emails. This is the direct way to connect to the customers. This is also important for up-selling to current customers.

Run paid ad campaigns if required. These are the best way to create awareness, sell newly launched products, etc.

Many other strategies are there which you can implement. Depending upon the plan created in the previous stage, strategies can be implemented.

Just use right methods, tools, and techniques to get best results.

5. Review results and adapt changes

Once the plan is implemented, review the results, customer responses, etc. If the business is getting desired results then keep using the plan otherwise review where the plan we wrong and make the changes.

Make changes to the plan and implement them again and review them again.

One needs to review Digital marketing strategies from time to time. Why? Because every day new and better tools are introduced or customer interests may change. So, you should always review the plan from time to time and make required changes.

There are many tools to review results. Our Digital Marketing course helps you to know them.

6. Get Help

You can get the help of a Digital Marketing Expert or agency to get help with your Digital Marketing Plan to get the desired result.

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